Monday, April 19, 2010

The Sin of ME

Excellent and totally correct piece written by Jennifer Hartline, which identifies (correctly in my opinion) that our society faces a worship problem. Instead of worshiping God we worship ourselves. This leads to many of the personal and societal ills that we experience.

Self Worship: The 'Sin of Me'

"If I feel something is right for ME, then it is right, period. No one else has any authority to tell ME otherwise, not even God. Because, after all, if God does exist, then He should want ME to be happy. It’s not God making all these moral demands, it’s man-made religion. And religion is definitely not for ME."


"The curious thing about this Age is how its people have elevated themselves to the highest authority, declared their own personal sovereignty and power, and yet they have not brilliantly solved their own problems. In fact, they don’t seem to notice that their kingdom is crumbling around them. If troubles persist, it is because the last vestiges of moral authority have not yet been purged, they shout. Once all restrictions are lifted and everyone is free, then all will be right and trouble will cease.

"Mortal man, who cannot create life of his own power, who cannot do so much as call a blade of grass into existence, has raised himself up to the highest throne, and having removed the Creator of All, has sat down to stare at his navel and blame the resulting, descending chaos on God."

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